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Corporate training sessions can be a very useful business tool in order to motivate and enable employees to work much more effectively together whereby allowing staff to extend and build upon their current skill set. These corporate workshops can be tailor-made to meet you and your employee’s particular needs and thus maximize staff output

Why organise a staff (CPD) development session?

Every business is different, although at the very core lies the human element. You might feel that your staff could benefit from a public speaking and confidence building workshop, enabling them to work much more effectively together? Make the staff team better communicators, make them feel empowered and confident within their role. Maybe a workshop in confidence building, will allow your employees to work much more effectively together in the workplace, as well as on their own accord.

How many people can you accommodate in the workshop?

You might have a small staff team or a large staff team?

In order to ensure that everyone benefits from the session-maximum group numbers would be: 18 and minimum group number would be: 4

How will the workshop be delivered?

Through exercises and practical tasks allowing people to be relaxed and have fun at the same time - the aim is to get the best of the participants not make them feel discouraged and demotivated.  Working in groups with clear deadlines, participants will have the opportunity to offer feedback to others, as well as receive personal constructive feedback. Presentations maybe filmed when presenting as this can prove an invaluable revision tool after the workshop-all material will only be sent to your company, and will not be shared on any social media websites. As well as receiving filmed footage, your staff will also receive useful course notes and a certificate of attendance.

Who can take this workshop?

The workshop is fun and is suitable for everyone. You don’t need any previous experience just a willingness to push yourself and learn from others.

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