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One to One individual support can be a very effective way to further develop your personal skills in public speaking and confidence building. With no previous experience required, the mere fact that you are considering one to one support and coaching already speaks volumes

Why seek 1:1 support?

You may have an important job interview coming up?

Or an Interview/Audition for a University/Drama school place?

You might be the best man or woman at your friend's wedding?

You maybe tasked with the difficult prospect of having to speak at a funeral? 


You may wish to work on your articulation, intonation, projection, breathing technique, or simply wish to combat any nerves that you may feel when faced with the prospect of publicly speaking in front of others or in the workplace. You might not be a native English speaker and as a result feel very conscious about your use of the English language in front of others.


There are many many reasons for wanting to have one to one support. The above reasons are all by previous clients whom I have worked with, who have made a positive decision to do something about it and not wait anymore.

How many 1:1 workshop sessions will I need?

It could be a off one session or possibly a weekly/fortnight session? It totally depends on what you are looking to achieve and get out of it.


There is no obligation to have a specific number of workshops.

How will I be taught?

These sessions are individually tailored-made in order for you to meet your specific goal(s). 


There is no quick fix, however if you are a determined individual with a strong desire to commit to real change in your life, then this is your opportunity to take direct positive action.

Who will tutor me?

You will be supported by an experienced tutor with extensive professional experience within this field, who has an up to date DSB certificate.

How much does 1:1 Remote Sessions Cost?

I initially offer a 15-minute FREE consultation to ascertain your specific needs and how I can support you effectively. 

1-hour remote session £40.00                                                                  

90-minute remote session £55.00

4 one-hour remote sessions £140.00

*All sessions must be paid in advance via banker’s transfer to guarantee booking*  

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For further information please complete the initial inquiry form outlining your specific needs

" I really liked the structure of the remote session and how well Mark taught me. His techniques were very helpful and he made me feel confident. He was attentive and understanding when I explained where my difficulties were, and he advised me how to achieve a positive solution.

By the end of the session, I was able to undertake a mock interview and speak confidently for over 30 minutes which was outstanding "



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